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Welcome to the
Team Canada Olympic Lab in partnership with lululemon.

Our journey together starts here. Team Canada Olympic Lab in partnership with lululemon is where Canada’s elite athletes and coaches unite as one Olympic team. It’s a place to lead, learn, and bond. A place that ignites inspiration and sparks solidarity. This is where possibility begins.


Every Games is unique; each with individual challenges and opportunities. Team Canada Olympic Lab in partnership with lululemon provides you with the necessary tools for an optimal performance inside your hyper-specific and local Olympic environment.


Attracting world-class speakers, sport legends and Games experts, the Team Canada Olympic Lab plays host to some of the most important conversations you can have in your Olympic career. It facilitates ongoing discussions which turn into results, both in life and on the field of play.


During innovative workshops and scenario-type sessions, you will roll up your sleeves and unite with your team in a truly Canadian way to virtually experience your Games environment. This advance knowledge will help you solve potential challenges and recognize opportunities before they happen.


As one of Canada’s best in sport, your perspective and experience is key to the overall success of Team Canada. The Team Canada Olympic Lab is the place to both lead by example and share insight, while discovering where you can improve.

Team Canada Olympic Lab in partnership with lululemon participants testimonials

Arianne Jones Photo

"An epic two days of learning."

Arianne Jones


"It is an opportunity to talk about the challenges we face and solutions we found."

Adam van Koeverden

Adam van Koeverden Photo
Eric Radford Photo

"It gives you a new perspective on the Games as a whole"

Eric Radford

Figure Skating

"There are many Olympic veterans here to help us prepare for what to expect."

Paula Findlay

Paula Findlay Photo


The Lab is where Canada’s most elite high-performers unite as one team, under the microscope of the Olympic Games. Over the course of the event we meet to collaborate and focus intently on Games-specific preparation and planning among Olympic experts and marquee speakers.
More than 200 Team Canada Olympic-hopefuls will be in attendance. This includes athletes, coaches, team leaders, mental performance consultants and integrated support team members.
If you were invited to the Team Canada Olympic Lab, it is because Team Canada and your team believe in you and your potential to qualify for the upcoming Olympic Games. Many participants in attendance will learn of their qualification just a few months prior to the Games. If you have been invited, you are meant to be there!